What is Creativity?

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Creativity intrigues humans and eludes a conclusive definition.

Perhaps defining it is impossible?

Yet, we believe there’s common ground to be discovered across disciplines, cultures and regions.

Together with a variety of institutions, we now wish to hear your opinion: what do you think about creativity? How do you define it?

Our ultimate purpose is to cast a wide net for answering “What is Creativity?” and to shed light on the emerging viewpoints.

We kindly ask that you reply with thought and sincere intentions.

PS. To encourage your participation we organise a prize draw among all participants: 10X $50 Amazon Gift Card. You may enter this prize draw using a separate form (so that your answers remain fully anonymous) that will be made available at the end of the questionnaire above.

PPS. If you want to be involved in promoting this and working on the analysis, just ping us!